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have dealings with him? he drove us... nick and me. nick is...? mercedes' fiance. nicholas vance? what's sammy like? i don't know. he's just the driver. the last time either of you saw christy was what time? we left the vances around 10:00. mark vance was tired. he had chemo for prostate cancer. so... it was right after that... maybe 10:30 when my angel went to bed. the last time i saw her. mark leaves before i'm awake. i rarely see sammy. he seemed a nice enough young man. how about you two? he sometimes drives me when dad doesn't need him. he's a pretty friendly guy. friendly with the neighbors? if christy was outside he would've talked to her. you everalk to him? nah. dad won't let him drive me. ethan doesn't need a driver. caught him outside smoking a joint e morning. said something about it and he just told me to shut up. any other problems? a week ago, my father said he had to set sammy straight. "set him straight"? nick? briscoe: excuse me, i hate to intrude but your father had to "set sammy straight" about what? using the limo's car phone for personal calls. who was he calling?
to project myself in the very best possible way. i decided that having my hair back the way it used to be was an important step for me. >> myself, i'm 45 years old, and you know, i'm not in the best shape in the world, but one thing, i'm continually trying to get better, and my hair is just one less problem i ever have to think about. >> i feel blessed. i'm not worried about other people passing judgment or wondering what might be wrong with me. i don't second-guess going to the store or going to the movies or going to have a drink. i'm confident. i'm comfortable. >> welcome back. let's get right to the root of the problem-- hair loss and what causes it. now, hair loss affects more than 70 million people in north america today-- 40 million men and 30 million women. that's a lot of people. some people try products that claim to regrow hair only to find out a few hundred dollars later that they didn't work. don't waste your money on unproven remedies. if you care about how you look and you want to get your hair back, take time to listen to world-renowned hair loss expert dr. jon gaffn
the guys who were selling you. we need you to be brave. they already are. they keep us in a house with bars on the windows. every night, enrique... the one with the scar, and mateo drive us to a different corner. you remember anything about the house or the neighbors? maybe you heard something? no. enrique always plays his music loud. (sister olivia) before i found dorothy, i remember hearing hip-hop music, uh, from outside, from a car, in spanish. uh, could you see out the windows? just these big buildings on top of the highway. i never seen that before. maybe those apartments above the cross-bronx? (goren) desiree, you look very nice today. i was wondering if you always pencil in your eyebrows. no, not until my real ones go away. they fell out. do you use a face cream? something maybe enrique gave you? he get it for us from a botanica. "crema blanqueadora." skin lightener. he can charge more for girls with lighter skin. there's mercury in this. mercury, that's why your eyebrows fell out, because of this. you see where enrique bought this? that's him! enrique, with the scars. police! put y
. >> results are in. killing us, so let's get to it. in the case of mason disick, the boy who looks exactly like scott disick and nothing like this male model, drum roll, please. we go! >> scott, you are the father. >> congratulations, scott! and remember d.n.a. tests are 99.99% accurate so what do you think about that, michael? >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> .01% chance so the male model is going to have to accept this. >> the male model is not accepting it. >> and it's because they went to an independent d.n.a. lab. >> he's saying they probably shot video, paid off the lab to be on the show. >> come on, that's actually totally a fair point. any solutions? >> he says, have the judge order it, have a court monitored d.n.a. test where everyone could be there and get it from court. >> or you could do this test -- no, yes? >> that male model is lying? >> harvey, harvey, harvey! >> john stamos turned 50. >> john, so happy birthday. you do not look 50. >> john stamos is 50. >> it's ridiculous. something.d there's a deal with the devil. >> what's your secret to stay so fit and every
, so call and order now. >> i used to be the girl who would stand in the corner. i did not think i looked pretty. i just had very low self-esteem. i was at a point of depression, i thought i wasn't gonna get out of it. since starting zumba fitness, i've lost a total of 88 pounds, i went from a size 18 to a size 6, i saw my stomach shrink, i saw my thighs shrink, everything fits better, i can buy cute clothes. it's changed my life. if you just give zumba fitness a try, i promise you, it will be so worth it. [♪...] >> zumba fitness has been changing lives for over a decade. and with thousands of zumba fitness fans gathered in one place, there's no shortage of stories. check out this inspirational story we discovered at a photoshoot for zumba's very own z-life magazine. >> as a mother of four, since discovering zumba fitness, my body has completely changed. i have lost now 17 pounds, my muscles have gotten very toned. i have more energy than ever. the best part about it is you don't feel like you're exercising, which makes you want to continue to do it because it's so much fun. you
was sitting there waiting for us to get ready for take-off. and it hit. it hit like the biggest storm ever. the sweat. the heart rate. the full-blown panic attack. and i just said to the stewardess, i said, "you have to get me off this plane. i am not going to be able to settle down." and then, like, i just started to scream, and i said, "you have to get me off the flight now, or we're gonnate pilot's gonna have to turn around and land somewhere, because i am not gonna be able to stay on this plane for 3/12 hours." and, i mean, i was embarrassed. i was crying, but i couldn't control the panic attack. the pilot said, "okay, fine. we have to get her off the flight." >> my mom would sit me down or tell me before i would leave that she might not be there when i got back. she would allude to the fact that she was going to kill herself. i thought it was my responsibility to make sure that those bad things that i feared did not happen, and that's when my panic attacks started. >> well, my self-esteem plummeted, and i lost all of my confidence. no independence. i just started to depend on people.
oxford that show as we get older many of us stop making these bone activating proteins and that is when our bone and joint problems begin. now they have been studied for over 40 years with 20 years of clinical use but we're just bringing this medical breakthrough, new to the public, for the first time. >>cindy: i would sleep with ice packs under my knees, my shoulders, on the top and the bottom. i had to get help out of bed in the morning, help to get in the bed at night. . . . and my kids, i couldn't pick up my kids, literally could not pick them up. and they were young they didn't understand why... momma couldn't pick them up. it was debilitating to me. my work is very physical and i could barely get to work, get through the day without having to take a lot of medication. i was 41 at the time and i was seriously walking with a cane. i could not step up off of a curb. it was uh it was bad, it was bad. i mean i have been physical my whole life, and i couldn't do anything. i tried it. and it's changed my life. i tell everybody i see, it has changed my life. i work out now. i run with my
a celebrity. so we hit the streets to prove it. take a look. >> how you doin'? i used to get justin bieber in his baby area. >> everyone says i look like elaine fromçó seinfeld. >> people always tell me i look like megan fox. >> they tell me i look like robert pattinson. >> some people tell me i look like flavor flav. >> how you doing? people tell me i look like prince. >> people always tell me iñ loo like lendy kravitz. >> chris hemsworth. >> people tell me i look like snooki. >> sometimes people tell me i look like martin lawrence. >> joe mangonelo, true blood or magic mike. >> hugh jackson. >> some people tell me i look like amanda bynes. >> that is celebrity look alike. the street edition. i'm excited this september, tv guide network will air a behind the scenes look at me preparing for my big trip to broadway. you know, i'm on broadway in "chicago" until august 11th and the special is going to be airing in november, tv guide. it's behind the scenes, a lot of shenanigans is going on. it's a docu-series. there, it's a docuspecial. i'm told my broadway family in "chicago" sent along a
power on "g.m.a." claiming motorcycles were used to chase the car into the tunnel at a high speed. >> a strobe light would be used to disorient henri paul and lose control of the car. >> power believed the royal family didn't want diana to reveal damaging sexual details about prince charles. >> these allegations are incredible, but they're also going to be proved not credible. >> imogen lloyd webber and author saying don't believe the hype. >> three separate inquiries came up with the same conclusion -- her death was a tragic accint and the driver of her car was drinking and also speeding. >> scotland yard confirms they are looking into this, but tells "extra" this is not a re-investigation. >> catherine and now little george are my priorities. >> just weeks away from the 16th anniversary of her death. her son, prince william, giving his first interview as a new dad to cnn. >> he's a little bit of a rascal. he's minds me of my brother or me when i was younger. >> he says katherine is getting up in the middle of the night with little george. >> she's not getting that much sleep, wh
to health lies. and look, w broccoli here. now call me mr. picky. we know it's good for us, but after a hard day at work, i still to this day-- and i've been eating well for years-- think i can't wait to get home and have some raw broccoli. listen, it's just never going to happen. i'm a realist, right? so the chances-- we need this stuff, but i don't know about you, but i'm not going to eat it-- would you eat it? >> there's no way i could eat l that, so how do we get it into our body? >> well, a simple philosophy i've had for years: if you can't eat it, drink it. juicing is without question the key to unlocking the rapid nutrition contained within all fruits and vegetables. but i'll tell you now, i'll tell you at home, nothing will put a nail in your juicing coffin faster than if you get the wrong machine. i've now searched the world for a machine that's affordable, easy to clean, super fast to use, plus it needs to be able to extract a load of juice while mataining quality nutrition. and i'm pleased to say i'm unveiling it today. i found it here. >> i think you've got it. >> it is my fusion
with a big fat diamond ring on. they have never been happier. >> forgive us if we're not excited, the question going round the office is -- >> doesn't it affect her instagram. >> like when she posts stuff like this and this and this. >> as a married woman it will be harder to be -- >> sexy, slutty. >> a fondling look back. a fond look back. ♪ ♪ >> sad day, sad day. not for you, dusty. well done. now golf back to the golf course and work on your putts. >> we all will. >> i got ben mclemore. making money now, do you have to shop at thrift stores? >> absolutely. >> i go, i bring up a question, it's kind of weird. how long do you brush your teeth for? is there an average? >> i have white teeth. >> very good teeth. >> two minutes. >> i wish i had the patience to do that. >> how long are you supposed to brush your teeth for? >> i could do better. maybe 45 to a minute and a half. >> i tell him, i used to date a girl, when she was done brushing her teeth, she would gag on it. that's how you knew she was, like, done. he goes i do the same thing. [laughter] >> she had a clean mouth. th
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